Organic Exchange (OE-100/Blend) Certifications Consultant

We offer OE(organic exchange) certification consultancy to Textile Industries,Garment & Home Textile exports houses In India. Organic exchange  Consultant,India

Organic Exchange is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization committed to expanding organic agriculture, with a specific focus on increasing the production and use of organically grown fibers such as cotton.It is located at Texas,USA.

To support these efforts, organic exchange bring together brands and retailers with their business partners, farmers and key stakeholders to learn about the social and environmental benefits of organic agriculture.


Benefits of getting OE certificates for your organisation.

Around the globe there are many companies who are the member of organic exchange. H&M,OTTo group, Marks & spencer ,Mango are few of them . if you get OE 100/blend certificate then you can do business with above brands/retail chain. in-directly you also become a partner in supporting the organic agriculture.

Procedure for Getting Organic exchange(OE-100/OE- Blend Certificate)

There are two type of standard.

  • OE-100 standard.
    • The OE 100 Standard is for tracking and documenting the purchase, handling and use of 100% certified organic cotton fiber in yarns, fabrics and finished goods.
  • OE-Blend Standard.
    • The OE Blended Standard is for tracking and documenting the purchase, handling and use of certified organically farmed cotton fiber in blended yarns, fabrics and finished goods. The standard applies to all goods that contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton.


How we can help you?

  • we will prepare your organisation for certification.
  • We will give internal training to your employees regading organic exhange .
  • we will select the right certification bodies for your organisation.

To avail our service email us at OE(organic exchange) certificate consultant ,India.


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