Law label Registration service from Indiawe are the Law label Registration service provider from India.   If you are a exporters or manufactures & want to sell stuff goods in usa then as per their rules ,out of 50 states 31 states require a law label to be attached to each stuff goods. Out of 31 states ,14 states & one city require your firm ,organization or manufacturing unit to be get register to their states. Each states has different rules & procedure for law label registration. The states are as below.

California (CA),Delaware(DE),Detroit(DET), Utah (UT),North Carolina (NC),Ohio(OH), Virginia (VA),west Virginia (WV),pennsylvania(PL),Okhloma(OK),Rhode islands( RI), Texas(TX), Massachusetts(MT),Connecticut(CT)  ,New York (NY).

California require compliance for getting bedding license where as Ohio needs samples for testing before issuing bedding license.

For this process first you should have URN(uniform registration number) for your company. So that you can print this number on your law label & submit the same to the states during the registration of the law label . The cost of getting bedding license(ie registration of law label) vary from state to state.Fees varies from $ 50 to $ 750 per state per year.

if you want to have URN(uniform registration Number) for your manufacturing unit then fees will be sum of one state fee & our consultancy fee.

In case of Canada there are three states for which you have to register your company & gets the law label to sell stuff goods in their markets. These states are Manitoba,Quebec & Ontario.

Beside these thing one should know the format of law label, Material of Law label. Your law label format varies according to the stuffed materials used in the products. We at india (Delhi) make these very simple for you. we will guide you at all steps & will provide you technical helps during testing of samples at OHIO & deciding the law label format.


Why you should choose us ?

  • We are the lowest price service available in India.
  • we will remind you for the renewal of your license.
  • We will assist you of solving any technical queries related to law label.
  • we will take care for each steps involved in law label registration stating from filling of the form.

For further details contacts law abel services,Delhi,India.

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