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Textile Training:

We at QTI have developed this moduel for garment & Home textile Export house,Buying House& Buying agency in India . This Textile training is a in-house workshop to be orgainised in the respective organisation. Textile training has following moduels.

  • Practical Approach to Understand Textiles
  • Technical Awareness for Merchandisers .
  • Principles of Textile Testing .
  • Fundamentals of Garment Manufacturing .
  • Professional Approach to QC in Textile Products.
  • Productivity Improvement Tools & Techniques.
  • Customised Training.

The Training seminars are conducted by IIT Delhi Graduates/Industries experts.

Practical Approach to Understand Textiles(2-days)

Topics covered

  • Classification of Fibre.
  • Fibre details.
  • Classification of Fabric.
  • Details of Commercial fabric & its use.
  • Classification of dyeing & printing.

For fabric technologist, merchandisers & quality professionals

Technical Awareness for Merchandisers (1-day)

Topics covered

  • Fabric qualities.
  • Fabric manufacuring process.
  • TextileTesting requierments.
  • Quality control & Inspection

For merchandisers.

Principles of Textile Testing(1-day)

Topics covered

  • Understanding the importance of testing.
  • Types of physical & chemical test.
  • Result interpetioin.
  • Understanding the intrenational markets requierments.

For Merchandisers , Quality & fabric department.


Fundamentals of Garment Manufacturing(1-Day)

Topics covered

  • Basic machinery requierments for apparel production.
  • Apparel Production process.
  • patterning,marking,cutting,stitching,finshing & inspection.

For merchandisers,Production Department,QA Department.

Professional Approach to QC in Textile Products (1-Day)

Topics covered

  • Quality definations.
  • Stastical quality control.
  • Fabric checking systems(4-point systems).
  • AQL checking systems.
  • Acc checking systems.
  • Cutting checking systems.
  • Stitching checking sytems.
  • finishing/packing checking systems.

For QA department, Merchandisers.

Productivity Improvement Tools & Techniques (1-Day)

Topics covered

  • Types of production systems.
  • Line motion study.
  • Tools for improving the productivity of the stitching line.

For production Department & IE Department.


Customised Training

  • Can be be customised as per customer requierments.

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